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ネイキッドは、2012年の東京駅丸の内駅舎プロジェクションマッピング『TOKYO HIKARI VISION』を皮切りに、東京国立博物館、東京タワーなどの東京の名スポット、アクアパーク品川、ヴィーナスフォートなどの東京ならではのエンタメ、商業施設で「空間と体験の再構築/構築」の実現に取り組んできました。そして、その取り組みは「シティードレッシング(都市を演出)する」へと繋がっています。

Starting with projection mapping “TOKYO HIKARI VISION” at Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station Building in 2012, NAKED has engaged in the “re-creation/creation” of space and experience” in famous sightseeing spots such as Tokyo National Museum and Tokyo Tower, as well as entertainment and commercial facilities distinctive of Tokyo such as AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA and VenusFort. These projects are linked to the broader idea of “city dressing (directing and producing of a city)”.


The City is an Art.

英語の“art”の語源はラテン語の“ars”であるが、さらに遡るとギリシャ語 の“techne”に帰着する。“techne”という語は、いわゆるnature~自然に対置される、人間の技や技術を意味する。
artを接頭語に持つ言葉...例えば「人工的な」などを意味する“artificial”なども、こうした経緯を踏まえると、ごく自然に理解できるであろう。 artが“自然”ではなく、「人によって積み重ねられた営為」によるものであるとしたとき、「都市とはartである」という主題が出現する。なぜなら、“都市”とは、単に高層ビルが立ち並ぶ人口密集度の高い行政区分を指すわけではなく、人が集まり、積み重ねてきた営為の集積そのものだからだ。

「都市にアートを」と「都市とはアートである」という語は、似て非なるものである。人の営みは、続いてゆく。都市が人の営為の積み重ねであるとしたら、<都市というアート>は、常に拡張し、変化していく。 過去/現在を含みつつ、都市の未来は存在する。本プロジェクトは、そうした、無数の人の営為に偏在する「アートとしての都市」を、を可視化することを目的としている。

Hesitation constantly clings to the word “art”. This is most likely because of the accumulation of history and human activities of those who have long gone before us, and the discourse regarding them.
The word “art” originates from the Latin word “ars”, which can be traced back in history to the Greek word “techne”. The word “techne” is the antonym for nature, and has the meaning of human skill and craftsmanship. This can quite easily be understood if we consider words that have “art” as its prefix, for example, the word “artificial”. Only when we view “art” not as something “natural” but as something created by “the accumulation of human activity” will the main theme of the project “The City is an Art” emerge. This is because the “city” does not just point to administrative divisions which are clustered with skyscrapers and people, but is itself an accumulation of human activity.

The phrases “Art to the City” and “The City is an Art” are similar but completely different concepts. Human activity is ongoing. If the city is an accumulation of human activity, “the art called the city” constantly expands and changes. Entangled with the past and present, the future of the city exists. This project aspires to visualize “the city as an art”, which is present in countless human activity.



NAKED Inc. is a creative company which was established in 1997, consisting of visual directors, designers, CG directors, and writers centered around Ryotaro Muramatsu.
It continues to be active in film, advertising, television, art installations, and various other creative activities, regardless of the medium and genre. In recent years, it has also been engaged in the total production of space using light, by combining various types of technology including projection mapping, art fixtures, and presentation. Currently, it has attracted a total of over 1.5 million people to events and shows that the company has planned, produced, and created.

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