TOKYO ガンダムプロジェクト2014 ガンダムプロジェクションマッピング “Industrial Revolution”

TOKYO GUNDAM PROJECT 2014 Gundam Projection Mapping “Industrial Revolution”

2014年3月、お台場に屹立するRX78-2 ver.GFT(ガンダム)に対してのプロジェクションマッピングが初めて行われた。


In March 2014, projection mapping was used for the first time on RX78-2 ver. GFT (Gundam) which stands in Odaiba.
This manga anime character, which stands tall in the area organized as part of Tokyo Waterfront City, held extraordinary presence and unmistakably embodied a kind of “TOKYO-ness” for foreigners. When you look up at the Gundam statue, you realize that this is the cityscape that is distinctive of Tokyo.

The series “Mobile Suit Gundam” is known for following the format of a TV anime series for children, while illustrating battles based on actual wars, ever since it first broadcast on television. The cityscape, in which a character created by the series blends in effortlessly in the open and public urban space, is a semantic space with multiplex meanings. The projection of images on the statue is in a way a form of creativity which can only exist in Tokyo.

開催期間 : 2014.03.20 〜 2014.03.23
開催場所 : 東京・お台場「ダイバーシティ東京 プラザ」フェスティバル広場
主催 : TOKYOガンダムプロジェクト2014実行委員会
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Dates: 2014.03.20~2014.03.23
Venue: Tokyo Odaiba “Divercity Tokyo Plaza” Festival Plaza
Organizer: TOKYO GUNDAM PROJECT 2014 Executive Committee